Storytelling Time

We feature stories that inspire, entertain and advocate for social change. We tell stories of Africa’s most inspirational and great women leaders. Their story from humble beginnings to their glory time. Our intention is to keep you inspired, encouraged and rooted in your own journey.

Prepare yourself for a trip into the life stories of strong, powerful, and influential women, those who have defied odds, overcome barriers and stood the taste of time to inspire our generation. We define their special qualities and their footpath. Their stories have changed the narrative about gender and the divine ability given to women. These women have allowed their own light to shine so bright that in turn, we are able to learn from them to let our own light to shine.

Storytelling time: Welcome to a world of true life stories! inspiration! motivation! and  deep connection! . Stories of real Women. Those who have triumphed over challenges! embarked on transformative journeys! and found strength in their vulnerabilities! Creative short stories & poems! storytelling to inspire you, keep you motivated and thriving in your own purpose and life journey. Enjoy!!