Good Friday Through The Eyes of Christians: Individual Experiences

Why is it Good Friday? What is the spiritual reflection of Good Friday? What lesson do you learn from Good Friday? How do Christians feel on Good Friday?


Good Friday is a significant day for Christians worldwide. It commemorates the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ, on the cross at Calvary.

This solemn day marks the end of the Lenten season. And the beginning of the Easter Triduum. This  includes Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday.

The observance of Good Friday is an essential part of Christian faith and has a significant impact on the lives of believers.

In this article, we will hear from Christians around the world. They share their personal experiences. They also share reflections on the significance of Good Friday in their lives.

We will learn how this day has shaped their faith journeys. And how it continues to inspire them to live lives of love, compassion, and service.

Through their stories, we will gain a deeper understanding of the power of the cross. And the profound impact that Good Friday has on our lives.

First of all, personally, I understand Good Friday as a day rooted in the remembrance of  the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus made for humanity.

He willingly gave up his life on the cross, taking on the sins of the world. And redeeming mankind from sin and death.

As a result, Good Friday, like all days is another opportunity for me to reflect on God’s goodness, immense love and sacrifice.

Growing up, I understood  this day as a day for mourning. A day for inflicting pain on my body to join Jesus on his journey to Calvary.

On this day, I joined my local parish folks to carry heavy wooden crosses. We recited prayers as we moved from one station of the cross to another.

I fasted always on this day.  With the sorrowful songs sang, I would often find myself crying and hating myself for all my  sins and failings. The preacher would then remind us of how we bring back Jesus to the cross daily. This, he said was through our daily sins.

I would then write down my sins that I remember and then go meet a priest for confession before Easter Sunday. This would mainly be to prepare myself so that resurrection finds me pure.

Today,  Good Friday, like all days, reminds me of the depth of God’s love for humanity. But more so for me as an individual. The crucifixion of Jesus to me is an ultimate act of love. I love to fellowship on this day in thanksgiving.

It serves as a powerful reminder that God’s love is unconditional, sacrificial, and transformative.

Through Jesus’ death, I believe that I have been given the gift of eternal life. And that I am called to live and share this message with others.

Unlike before, Today, I chose to spend my Good Friday living and listening to what this day means to my fellow Christians. I have been so inspired. This is the reason you are reading this article on this day. I spent the day listening and writing. You will be inspired also. Just read on!

What do other Christians think about good Friday?

Do all Christians around the world see Good Friday as the most solemn and holy day of the year? It is also known as Holy Friday, Great Friday, Black Friday, or Easter Friday by others. Let us hear what these Christians have to say about Good Friday.

Segun David is a Christian from Lagos, Nigeria. He is a Pentecostal Christian, This is what he says;

Segun David. Lagos Nigeria.

Good Friday is the beginning of the chosen 3 days to annually remember the death of the man that laid down his life for me.

The day tells me about God’s love and Jesus sacrifice and it should replicated among we humans.

On this day, I do what I do everyday; pray, love everyone, support somebody.

I see good Friday as part of every other days we should love ourselves and others.

I also  think the importance of good Friday should also get attached to every other days in our lives as Christians.

Part of my celebrations for this day, I attended an Easter event. And the message from the preacher about Easter was so touching that I have been reflecting on it till now. This is the story, the preacher told us;

A boy who was 8 years fell and was been trampled upon as everyone was trying to save their lives.

But a man running for his life also, saw him. He risked his life by using his body as shield for the boy, picked the boy up and took him to a safe place.

Then the boy found his way his way. The boy didn’t know the man, his name or address.

But as the boy grow older, he searched for the man every year and everywhere. He got the man after 22 years.

And since then, he has been in close contact with the man. He lives to support the man in appreciation to what he did for him.

The preacher then talked about the fact that the sacrifice of Jesus is more than that.

When we search and find Jesus who saved us from something more than a stampede, we should live in appreciation of his sacrifice. This is what Easter is all about.

To me, everyday should be good Friday. Help and love people around you.

Clara Love Anuso is from Kenya. Currently living in Uganda’s capital Kampala. She is a Christian in the Catholic Church.

Good Friday to me  simply means rejoicing and being glad in the finished works of Christ.

It is not weeping and crying and carrying the cross. He died to make me righteousness. Yes his blood paid it all .

The message of the cross has helped me to know the true meaning of love.  His death changed everything  pertaining my existence.

On this day, I always ask myself what would Jesus do in a given situation? So I am more kind of than usual on Good Friday. I celebrate Christ and thank him for choosing to pour his love on me unconditionally.

The events of this day, throughout the betrayal , crucifixion ,and death of Jesus  has helped me to know that the world will be very harsh. But choosing to be different will always make your star shine brighter.

It has also helped me know that no matter what the world throws at me! I am deeply loved by my Father God.

Good Friday, and forgiveness? It’s normal for humans to be angry , hurt and hold a grudge. But, what good will all the poison do to your body 👁️?

As Christ commanded, forgive them father for they know not what they are doing . If God forgave me , who am I not to forgive? .To error is Human and to forgive is divine. Always! and it’s a free gift.

The events of this day remind of the greatness of God.

2017 was quite very challenging for me.

Mum got sick , and I had to leave work , to care for her in hospital. When people are dying left right and the only hope you have is Jesus!

I remember telling my mum I shall not bury , you must pick up your mat and walk.

I prayed for people in the heart admissions ward and all were discharged except us. But to God be the glory! here we are despite the fact that she is not fully well.

Mum is soooo alive and strong and her faith is stronger 💪 that alone empowered me to talk about the Love of Jesus. And how he is the God of all possibilities.

The sacrifice Jesus made has always made me think of making other peoples lives better. it depicts the readiness to always chose others before yourself.

The Christian fellowship encourages and keeps my Faith alive , also reminds me of the different walks we have as individuals on this Earth.

To be exact , for me good Friday is a party day , not wearing a gloomy face , weep , or mourn , imagining him suffering and crucified.

I make a meal and dine with him and others just as I am today. So every day I chose to live in the finished works of Christ and that’s what explains my daily joy.

All I can advise someone struggling to understand the significance of the cross  is ask the Holy Spirit. Ask him to guide you. To walk the journey with you. I always tell Jesus I want to experience the resurrected Christ not the stories am told.

There is power in knowing a God that speaks! not a god being told to you by another person.

Building a relationship with Christ has opened up my mind.  To even read more of the Bible , with each page there is a special revelation. I don’t read the Bible like a novel. I read and and see power come alive .

Currently am reading Hearing God by P.E.T.E.R L.O.R.D

It’s good for people to hear God for you ,but more profitable to hear God for thyself.

Learn to listen to God you will find content and understand good Friday .

Raymond Ahabwe is from western Uganda. He is a Christian in the catholic church.

Raymond Ahabwe

Good Friday to me is a true reflection of unconditional love, God’ unconditional love for humanity.

It is on Good Friday that our Lord Jesus Christ took a journey that He well knew was ending in His
crucifixion and death but He still accepted it anyway.

That is love beyond measure, beyond

Personally, if given an opportunity to know the outcomes of my acts or decisions, I would choose differently.

Looking at what Jesus did on Good Friday, I am left in awe and wonder. I look at Good Friday as a day when Jesus proved to me beyond doubt of His love for me.

He set an example for me on how I should love my neighbor as well, to love beyond. But it takes an extra sense of love and how we define it.

Good Friday showed the climax of God’ love for mankind. To set His only Son on a mission in which He was to die. Which parent can really do that?

I am a catholic. I will not write about Good Friday and miss the Way of the Cross. Whenever I am
having the way of the Cross, I imagine the bitter passion which our Lord went throug. Because of His love for me and it crashes me down.

Good Friday is not just about Love. There is a lot to learn, for example Humility. Jesus is Lord but He accepts to take human form. He accepts to die.

And as if that is not enough. He accepts to die on the cross. The greatest form of death and humiliation in history of mankind.

Philippians 2:6-8 “who, being in the form of God, did not count equality with God something to be grasped. But he emptied himself, taking the form of a slave, becoming as human beings are; and being in every way like a human being, he was humbler yet, even to accepting death, death on a cross”

That above statement says it all.

Good Friday is about unconditional love and humility, an example set for me to learn. It is the greatest act of love that God showed mankind. In summary, it is an exitus and reditus structure, going out from God and return to Him.

I will complete Good Friday with the greater good that often comes out of even the worst situations that we encounter.

Philippians 2:9-11

“and for this God raised Him high, and gave Him the name which is above all other names; so that all beings in the heavens, on earth and in the underworld, should bend the knee at the name of Jesus and that every tongue should acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord, to the glory of God the Father”

Now, that is amazing to me, that even in the deepest worse situation that I encounter, I always trust
God for the greater good that He will make out of it.

There are many lessons that I learn from Good Friday though I will point out two;
1) The shameful death of Jesus on the cross became my way of salvation.
2) The humility of Jesus gained Him heavenly glory.

Catherine is from Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, United States. She is a Christian in the Anglican church.

Good Friday is a significant day for me, and I always take time to reflect on the events that occurred on this day in history.

I wake up early on Good Friday morning and head to my local church for the morning service.

The atmosphere is somber, and the altar is draped in red or black. The service begins with the reading of the Passion narrative, detailing the events leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

As the service progresses, I am struck with the solemnity of the occasion. I am reminded of the sacrifices made by Jesus, and the immense love he had for humanity.

I am also reminded of my own shortcomings and how far I have strayed from my faith. It is a humbling experience.

After the service, I spend some time in quiet reflection. I think about the impact that Jesus has had on my life and how his teachings have shaped my worldview.

I am grateful for the guidance and direction that I have received from my faith. And I am reminded to continue living a life of service and compassion towards others.

Later in the day, I join a group of fellow believers for a procession through the town.

We carry a large wooden cross, symbolizing the burden that Jesus carried on his way to Calvary.

The procession is a powerful experience, as we walk together in silence, contemplating the significance of this day.

As the sun begins to set, I return home, feeling uplifted and renewed.

Good Friday may be a solemn occasion, but it is also a reminder of the love and sacrifice that has been bestowed upon us.

It is a reminder to live our lives with purpose and meaning, and to always strive to be better.

Vince Kakooza is a Ugandan. He is a Christian in the Pentecostal church

Good Friday signifies a sacrifice and love of God towards us, the mankind — the deepest forms of love a Father can have towards us that he had to sacrifice His own son for us for the fulfillment of the scriptures.

The message of the cross has made me realize that the cross can fix my past, present and future and my connection with the Almighty.

It shows that God loves his children and sacrifice is a strong love language. So, I read and ponder on the scripture and pray on Good Friday. 

He allowed his only son to die for our sin, and the only thing we can do is to believe in him and continue to do good even to those who trespass against us.

Jesus Christ died for everyone — I need to tell someone about him.

On this day, I say this prayer:

Dear Jesus Christ of Nazareth,
I grieve that the torture and sorrow You endured on the cross were necessary to save humanity. You didn’t want us enslaved to fear, anxiety, or sin—so You sacrificed Yourself so that Love could win.
It’s Love that hung upon the cross and gave up everything to rescue us. “It is finished” was a cry of victory, because You defeated everything that held us in captivity.
Because of Your sacrifice, I can experience intimacy with You forever. Thank You! Show me how to share Your love today and every day.
Use me to reach the world You died to redeem.

What I do of Good Friday?  Prayer. Prayer because Jesus’ death and resurrection spared us from the eternal consequences of our sin(s). 

Because he was pierced for our transgressions. Crushed for our iniquities. The punishment that brought us peace was on him. And by his wounds we are healed.

Therefore, it’s upon us to ensure that we use that opportunity of the barrier between me and God that was removed and always stay humble and kind. (Isaiah 53:5),

I  encourage Christians to never stop believing. No matter how far others go into tempting, and doing the wrongs to us. I refer them to Romans 8:28-31/39 and say that All the good things get together for the good.

Ben is a Ugandan. He is based in the country’s capital, Kampala. He is a Christian in the Catholic church.

Good Friday is about remembering the death of Jesus. And the cross is the foundation of my faith.

I don’t reflect on his death just on good Friday. Its like any other day. God’s love for me is more than just a day.

Forgiveness and good Friday, maybe  its another reminder that I am forgiven.

However, Good Friday doesn’t inspire me in anyway, its like any other day.

As anything has good and bad sides, celebrating good Friday is good. This is because Christians have an opportunity to meet together and fellowship.

Personally, I think Good Friday a religious activity that is not Grace based. It does not even reflect the reality of the finished works of Christ. It is exaggerated as well.

Personally, everyday is a celebration of Easter, Christmas and everything God has provided for me.

The death of Jesus is very beautiful as he gives up his life for us.

Though we shouldn’t be having just a day to remember this. I don’t think the early Church had a way of the cross.

Thanks for reading these experiences. Remember to leave a comment below. What is Good Friday to you? and How have you spent the day? How have the events of this day influenced your spiritual life?

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