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This category is a place to keep up with the latest news and trends in society. From local to global.

It is also a venue for showcasing the work of various organisations dedicated to supporting and empowering women. We share inspiring stories of women who have benefited from these organisations, as well as interviews with leaders and activists working to improve the lives of women all over the world.

Glossy Gel Nails, hidden danger: Health Implications of UV Drying Lamps for Gel Manicure

“The assumption is that there’s no risk or downside to using these convenient tools. But the problem is that UVA rays are carcinogenic. Exposing your skin to direct, concentrated amounts aren’t recommended. Whether they’re coming from a tanning bed or from a gel manicure dryer. The skin on fingertips and around nails is also harder to treat when we…

“Breaking the Silence: A female Journalist’s Battle Against Cyber Bullying on Facebook and the Fight for Safer Spaces”

It was a phone call from her brother in-law that alerted Perina, a journalist and TV producer, of what was going on with her on Facebook. Her photo had been posted in a Facebook group by an unknown person, and everyone was now hurling insults and mockery on her appearance and looks. My brother-in-law called me and said, do you know that