“Empowering Women’s Voices: Organizations Combating Online Harassment of Female Journalists”


Cyber harassment is having a significant impact on the practice of journalism and activism, both online and offline. The rise of social media platforms and digital communication channels has led to an increase in incidents of online abuse and harassment, which can have a chilling effect on the ability of journalists and activists to do their jobs effectively.

For journalists, cyber harassment can take many forms, including threats of physical harm, doxxing (the release of personal information online), and online defamation. These attacks can lead to self-censorship, as journalists may be hesitant to report on certain topics or express certain opinions out of fear for their safety.

Here are some organizations working to combat online harassment of female journalists in Africa:

  1. Coalition for Women in Journalism (CFWI) – Africa: CFWI Africa is a network of female journalists across the continent dedicated to promoting and protecting the rights of women in journalism, including combating online harassment and discrimination.
  2. African Women in Media (AWiM): AWiM is a pan-African organization that seeks to amplify the voices of women in media and promote gender equality in the industry. They offer training, networking opportunities, and advocacy efforts to support women journalists, including addressing online harassment and violence.
  3. Media Legal Defence Initiative (MLDI): MLDI is a nonprofit organization that provides legal support to journalists and media outlets facing legal challenges, including online harassment and cyberbullying. They offer legal assistance, advocacy, and capacity building programs to help journalists protect themselves from online harassment.
  4. Digital Rights Lawyers Initiative (DRLI): DRLI is a Nigerian nonprofit organization that provides legal assistance to individuals and organizations facing online harassment, censorship, and other digital rights violations. They work to promote and protect digital rights, including the rights of female journalists to work safely and free from online harassment.
  5. Women in News (WIN): WIN is a global organization that aims to empower women in media and improve gender equality in the industry. They offer training, mentoring, and networking opportunities to support women journalists, including addressing online harassment and other forms of gender-based violence.
  6. Pollicy: Pollicy is a feminist collective of technologists, data scientists and academics working at the intersection of data, design and technology to craft better life experiences by harnessing improved data. Currently, Pollicy is implementing a Future of work project that aims to assist female journalists in digital safety.

This list is not an exhaustive list of organizations doing a great job in assisting journalists cope with online harassment.

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