Khadija Patel: Road to Global Journalism


Khadija Patel is a South African investigative journalist, co-founder of The Daily Vox, and chairperson of the International Press Institute. She has produced work for Sky News, Al Jazeera, The Guardian, Quartz, City Press, and the Daily Maverick, among others. She is a research associate at the Wits Institute for Social and Economic Research at the University of Witwatersrand.

Background and Early Life

Khadija Patel was born on August 15, 1990, in South Africa. Little is known about her childhood or background. It is believed that she pursued a degree in languages and literature. She was fascinated by the science of language, its inner workings, and how it relates to the essence of humanity. Her grand plan was to save the world by joining the United Nations Young Professionals Program in Paris.

Work and Career

Khadija Patel’s foray into journalism began in 2007 with blogging. Patel found herself in a blogging community with fellow aspiring writers. Transitioning from blogging to journalism, she assumed the role of editor at Al Huda magazine. Khadija Patel’s dual motive was to provide a platform for young creatives and to foster dialogue within the diverse South African Muslim community.
Khadija Patel’s career trajectory saw her rise to the coveted position of Editor-in-Chief at the Mail & Guardian. While there, she led the publication to numerous accolades at the 2017 South African Journalism Awards during her first year. But beyond national borders, Khadija Patel worked as an investigative journalist for South African news agencies such as the Daily Maverick and City Press. Her international reach expanded as she contributed to major global media houses, including Sky News, BBC News, Quartz, Al Jazeera, and The Guardian. Simultaneously, she made significant research contributions at the Witwatersrand Institute for Social and Economic Research.

Khadija Patel

Honors and Achievements

Above all, Khadija Patel launched a profitable online subscription during COVID-19 to ease the effects of the pandemic on the publication.
And in 2013, former US President Barack Obama acknowledged her impactful work in countries like Sudan, Mali, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Additionally, Khadija Patel also earned the prestigious Ford Foundation Africa #NoFilter fellowship. As a result, this landed her a spot in the top 100 New Africa Magazine list of the most influential people in Africa.


Khadija Patel’s passion, leadership, and commitment to press freedom inspire a new era of impactful journalism worldwide. Her journey serves as a motivational call to pursue excellence in the quest for responsible reporting and positive change.

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