Monday’s Fret: Unwinding in Nature’s wisdom


Your branches reach for the heavens, You comply in every season. There are no doubts, and you never fade. You have faith in the master’s faultless reign.

Thou art rebellious, like us, with processing brains and a will. I am astonished by your effortless surrender, which does not call your existence into doubt. The lakes and rivers intertwine as the rains fall gently. They connect without resistance, and their souls alight in unison.

And when the sun commands the earth in parched haze with its blazing stare, they do not protest, fret, or argue, but bear the loads with all their might.

Nature, teach me to let go, to trust the path the skies have sown. In times of drought or blossom, joy or sorrow, To bend, to learn, and to grow.

Like the flowing trees and lakes, May I bestow in peaceful faith. My concerns, fears, and sufferings are profound. I will adhere to nature’s wisdom.


G.Lakel Maria

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