Love is Lived


It is not a thing to seek, Nor a prize to win or keep, It’s a force that flows within, A light that radiates from deep within.

Love is not a thing to be possessed, But a feeling to be expressed, It’s not something that can be bought, But a gift that should be sought.

Just like the sun shines bright, Love brings warmth and fills with light, And just like the flowers bloom, Love brings joy and dispels gloom.

For love is not just an emotion, It’s a state of being, a devotion, It’s a reflection of the divine, For God himself is love, sublime.

Search not for love outside, But let it flow from within and reside, For we are all born with this light, Let it shine forth, let it be bright.

May we learn to love ourselves, And spread love to others as well, For in love, we find true wealth, A treasure beyond words to tell.

So let us live and breathe in love, And let it guide us like a dove, For love is the essence of life, The reason we’re here, the reason we thrive.

G. Lakel Maria

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