Unconditional Self-Acceptance


In the stillness of the night,
When the world has gone to sleep,
I sit and ponder on my life,
And the promises I keep.

In this moment of quiet reflection,
I am filled with an overwhelming affection,
For the one who stands before me,
And the beauty that I see.

For though I am flawed and imperfect,
I am learning to love and accept,
All the parts of myself that I once rejected,
And to embrace the person that I’ve elected.

For I am worthy of love and affection,
And I deserve my own attention,
To nourish and care for myself,
And put my needs on the top shelf.

So I hold myself in a gentle embrace,
And feel the warmth of my own grace,
And know that I am loved and adored,
By the one who matters most: myself, I applaud.

By G. Lakel Maria

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