Teach me your Dance


My lover is standing by, teach me your surrender dance, dear living relative, product of the powerful energy that formed me. Give me your yellow flowers that are delicately attached to your slender stem lining that runs through your large green leaflets.

I want to celebrate in front of my lover, so teach me to surrender like your elegant flow and act of subservience in your sweet liga dance, geared to the wavering wind’s footfalls and the melody of the delightful vocal birds.

Your green-yellow outfit reminds me of my lover’s mastery and reign. Every day should be Valentine’s Day in your known universe.

You are graceful, your skin is yellow and green, and you have surrendered. You seem to live in surrender to every circumstance.

Teach me to surrender to every unexpected roar, to the rhythm of which you joyfully dance and sway.

It’s Valentine’s Festival, so tell me to always surrender to my lover’s warm embrace and twirl your liga in his warm presence.

You sway and move in all orientations, probably in praise of your maker; I am dark-skinned, I have no green, I have no yellow, but teach me to dance the surrender dance to my lover.

You, my creator’s offspring, a unique Ray of light discovered me. Teach me the beauty of surrender that I may beam with joy. I want to dance, so teach me so that I may surrender to the warmth of my lover forever with your liga dance of surrender.

Written by: G.L.Maria

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