The Tale of a sad Man


“Have you understood the charges, Mr. Ndereya?” the judge inquired. Ndereya sobbed as she looked down. His skin was pallid and deformed. He has been detained since 2018.

Ndereya is a total orphan, having lost both parents to AIDS. He was raised in an orphanage and received an education up to the University level. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Education. He is a physics and chemistry instructor.

He was found HIV positive before sitting for the primary leaving examination (PLE). He was born infected! Despite his youth, he began taking his ARVs. Despite this, he appeared to be in good health and full of energy. After finishing his studies, he began teaching in one of the church-based schools that were affiliated with the orphanage that had adopted him and provided for his educational needs.

One day in the office, he received a phone call from a woman who identified herself as a single mother seeking educational assistance. Given his personal circumstances, he felt sympathetic and invited the woman to school. Following an interaction, he requested a vacancy from the principal. The principal agreed to assist. Jacinta was starting at S.1.

Jacinta was 16 years old but appeared to be 19. She was both succulent and appealing. She was, however, academically undesirable, with little interest in academic work. In fact, one of her friends compared her to a public computer; whoever came with their Flash Disks would insert them, perform their tasks, and leave.

Ndereya and Jacinta grew close and eventually fell in love. She was discovered to be pregnant during a general pregnancy test at school. During questioning, she admitted that Ndereya was responsible for the pregnancy. Dereya was arrested after her mother reported it to police. Worse, Jacinta had tested positive for HIV.

The judge read the charges against him and asked him if he understood them. Ndereya collapsed! His arrest occurred 5 years ago. Jancita had an abortion and dropped out of school. She’s married and has two children, while Ndereya is still locked up! 

Written by: Paul Clever

Editted by: G.L.Maria

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