Along She came


An Infatuation Romance;

From a distance, Wan looked like any other villager while inside, he was truly something special. The villagers at that time were not yet aware of the mysteries within him and how he would come to be such a force to be reckoned with in their lives. As Serra and Wan grew closer, her husband Henrie learned of their relationship and was furious.

Serra waited for Wan’s call the next day, long enough and she was now starting to give up hope. She had told Henrie the entire story of her encounter with Wan, and Henrie had noticed a feeling of awe in the tone of her narration. She mentioned Wan’s benevolence, kindness, love of God, and positive attitude. Henrie was dissatisfied with the narration’s tone and the mysterious atmosphere it had created around the room, he however convinced himself that Serra was his home and that he was everything to Serra.

The sun cast long shadows on the ground, and the setting sun’s orange rays kissed the sky beautifully. The scent of the evening breeze and the aroma of flowering and fruiting roses in roadside orchards reassured him that he was in a good mood. He sent out from his home, which was about 5 kilometers from the country’s capital. From afar, the buzz of cruising vehicles and voices from loudspeakers on towering vehicles advertising festival events and campaign events could be heard. He drove straight down the steep road from his house to the city.

Noah Wan, a tall, dark, and chubby man in his early forties has a divine connection and is deeply committed to his church where he serves as a children’s pastor. He and his young wife Angel, have a son, Pavel, who is about three years old. Wan has built his reputation for mentoring hundreds of young people and business leaders in spirituality, academics, business, and life in general. He is not as successful as he would have liked, but he is a successful role model for many. He earned a degree a decade ago, founded his own firm, purchased a Toyota Harrier, UBN, the latest model then, married a loving wife and constructed his own house on the outskirts of Kampala, a dream shared by many in the countryside. At church, he warned the couples about adultery, disrespect, and not putting Jesus at the center of their lives. He warned the children not to disrespect their parents or succumb to peer pressure. His congregation grew to respect him above all men, and he was aware of his stature. Unlike many, he had a pure heart, was authentic, and was spotless.

Serra Ann, a young literature teacher, and passionate writer who had recently married her boyfriend, Henrie Dera, whose love had earned its own name, was introduced to Wan by her husband’s friend Angel while searching for a mentor. 

Serra had met her husband about four years ago, and they struggled to persuade their parents of their relationship and desire to marry, a situation which bonded them even more. Serra and Henrie had reconnected in their early twenties, after graduating from universities in different countries. They had met briefly in primary school at an inter-school debating competition. Henrie was on the opposing side of the motion, Serra was on the proposing side, and they had outdone themselves in arguing and dominating the debating competition.  after that day, despite the fact that they appeared to have something in common, the world had separated them.

Henrie’s parents, like any other parent, had high hopes for their son, who would become a great doctor and the only one in his clan to marry a lawyer, but Henrie had chosen a literature teacher instead to their disappointment. Their encounter had been so mysterious

To Serra, the first day of their meeting felt like a graduation from the school of love search. That evening had a strange feel to it, an overwhelming sense of wonder. It was obvious to her, as she ascended the church house’s staircase that something mysterious was going to happen. Her heart skipped a beat; it was a reunion with a long-lost friend she hadn’t seen in eleven years, but what was it about this reunion that made her heart skip a beat? Serra had been puzzled.

The evening did its part, wobbling and swaying whispers of indescribable air bubbles as they sat on the balcony of the iconic restaurant in Kampala. The Universe had agreed with the two rays of light striking through it was a generation of their age, the sweet world of two, and the world of their own discovery, a world of Joy, Serra knew without a doubt that Henrie was the man God had matched with her.

After a year of dating, they had married in Church without their parent’s permission and with a baby boy who was about a year old. Their parents had not yet met their child. Was it bothering them? Yes, Henrie was concerned and missed his relatives, but he opted to concentrate on building his new home with Serra and their baby Pat. Serra vowed to herself that Henrie would be the only man she would ever love or even feel for. Henrie had made a similar promise to himself. Five years later, they were still married to their commitment and had grown even more in love than before. They decided to pursue their career ambitions together.

Henrie suggested to Serra one morning that she find a mentor in her writing career, someone who had published good books and could help Serra achieve her goals in her writing career. Serra aspired to be a great author as a child; she loved reading and romance was her preferred genre; she adored the love story of Romeo and Juliet and now that she had found love, she realized she was living the life of her favorite characters in love books; her favorite characters were Romeo and Juliet. As far as her world was concerned, Henrie was her Romeo and she was his Juliet. The new Romeo and Juliet had both agreed Juliet needed a mentor and had both looked around for someone. Angel, Henrie’s workmate and a friend had suggested someone so fit for both of them.

Noah Wan rode gently into the heart of Kampala, Uganda’s capital, for yet another appointment with a mentee, whom he eagerly agreed to meet and map out their mentorship journey. Wan had written a number of spiritual and inspirational books, so his new job as a writing mentor wouldn’t be too difficult; after all, it was his calling, his divine purpose to guide humanity in becoming the best versions of themselves and achieving their life’s purpose. He parked next to the city center church park yard, and as he got out, he noticed a young beautiful woman standing next to the church post; could it be her? He had instructed her on phone to wait near the church’s entrance, but the lady ahead of her looked too young to be married and too fit to be a mother. Angela had described the mentee to him vividly, at least she was married with a baby. He walked towards her, and she turned and looked around expectantly. “Hello, my name is Noah, is this Serra?”; he said with a pat on the shoulder to the lady at the post. “I am supposed to meet her here?” Wan added. “Yes, sir, my name is Mrs. Serra Ann Henrie, and I am honored to meet you”; She responded cowardly, but softly and clamorously. Wan invited Serra into the car and made more introductions. Serra was always excited to talk about Henrie, her love, and her baby Pat. Wan, for his part, discussed his church service, books, and passion for mentoring. He was overjoyed to see Serra so in love with her husband, and he predicted that her passion for writing would take her far. They agreed to continue talking on the phone, and Serra would come up with an idea for what she wanted to write, after which a draft would be crafted with Wan’s help. Serra was grateful for his generosity.

The city lights illuminated the streets, Serra’s watch clock reminded her that it was already 8:00 p.m., and her husband must be waiting. “I’ll get going Wan, Henrie, and Pat must be waiting! it’s already time for night family prayers”; she said to Wan delicately. “Wow!!, time for family prayer? I love your family, it’s what God wants for all humanity, a family that prays together…” Wan directed the statement admiringly to Serra who finished it with; “stays together” with a sense of pride and assurance in her own love for God, but more so, in her love story with Henrie. Wan stretched his arm past her thighs and opened the left side door knocking slightly on Serra’s chest with his ankle as he drew his arm back from opening the door for Serra to move out, but before she could step out her second leg, he inquired if she had enough transportation. Serra smiled shyly and said yes, but Henrie insisted, “Don’t be shy, lovely Serra, have this, it will help you catch a cab” he pulled out his wallet, and handed her a note of 50,000 Ugandan shillings and apologized for not being able to drop her off because it was already late and traffic was heavy. Serra stretched her tender hands and received the note still blushing at being called lovely.

Wan winked as he watched Serra walk away to catch a cab, whispering to himself, “She is decent and graceful,” before driving away like a shy kitten.

Serra reached home, narrated the whole encounter to her husband Henrie, and told him Wan would call soon to guide her. The call didn’t come till the next day around lunchtime.

The phone vibrated from the top of the fridge where Serra had placed it, “He’s called! as Henrie watched, Serra jumped excitedly to answer Wan’s call.  Hello, Sir Wan, I hope you arrived safely?” “Yes, lovely Serra, how is Henrie?” She froze at the repeat of “lovely” Serra, her heart skipped a beat and she silently said, “Stop it Wan” though her lips didn’t dare open. As she lifted her lips to respond with”Henrie is fine..” the words, “I love you” rang out from the other end of the phone line. She hung up the phone, dashed to her bedroom, and sat on her bed, her body tingling with excitement; she abhorred it, she had backstabbed her promise, and she discovered she had developed hidden feelings for Wan.”


Written By: G.L. Maria

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