MIRRORS OF THE PULPIT: A Story of Love and Betrayal

a story of love, betrayal, and deception


This is a  gripping story of love, betrayal, and deception. we are introduced to Dennis and Joyce, a couple eagerly preparing for their wedding day. Little do they know that secrets lie hidden beneath the surface, waiting to unravel their lives. Amidst stormy weather and unexpected revelations, the lives of Pastor Louis, Jellie, Betty, and others become entangled in a web of emotions. As the wedding ceremony takes a dramatic turn, friendships are tested, and hearts are shattered. Follow this rollercoaster of a story as love, trust, and forgiveness hang in the balance, challenging the resilience of the human spirit.

The story

“Welcome to the most important day in Dennis and Joyce’s lives.” Promises have now become binding, and friends have become family. Today is a holiday, and we’ve come to enjoy with Dennis and Joyce. Thank you for joining us on this joyous occasion.” Mc spoke slowly and deliberately. For approximately a minute, the ecstatic audience erupted in loud applause. “Well, let me invite Postor, Louis, to open this function with a prayer.” Mc said as he handed the Pastor the microphone.

The sky darkened suddenly, and clouds scudded by like giant hazy cotton balls. The weather turned stormy! Thurder roared , unleashing a torrential downpour from the sky. Raindrops appeared in form of small crystals. Winds howled with audible ferocity. People divided. As the rain fell harder, puddles began to form. The rain buzzed like bee and one could hear. Power blacked out unexpectedly, and darkness reigned supreme. It was the most piercing darkness ever-it was not merely the darkness that came out of absence of light, it was much more sinister. It was extremely bleak and cold that everybody took it upon themselves to find warmth.

love and betrayal
a story of love and betrayal
The phone

“Balabye nnyo abatayina Mukama”The phone alarm sounded loudly beneath Pato’s pillow. He astonishedly got up and snoozed the alarm. “No! This is not possible. Not my Joyce, at any rate.” He addressed his thoughts in an uneasy manner. Pato and Joyce have been together for almost four years. They met in university and were friends before falling in love. Joyce’s charm was more noticeable than her attractiveness. She looked fashionable, with her black velvet natural hair neatly styled. Many men’s eyes turned to her as she smiled, as if their air had been robbed from their lungs- she was a symbol of beauty!

a story of love, betrayal, and deception

Pato’s bubbled with thoughts. The dawn chorus went; it was 5O’clock. He said his prayer before he could get up to set for the day. Along Nile avenue, a bold heading on newspaper read, “A shepherd eats the flock- Pastor Louis’ secrets revealed.” Pato paused and bought himself a copy to get acquainted with the story. During his breaktime time at work, he read through it. It was reported that Pastor was clandestinely having an affair with another woman. Pato got in a conversation with his friend, Simon who was also congregant therein.

“I guess there is something happening with Louis and Jellie.” Simon paused, as if he had something to call to his mind. On Saturday, in the Cinemax, Louis and Jellie entered and sat on the last chair behind. Louis wore a black jumper with a hood on his head and anti glare goggles. Jellie on the other hand was dressed in white soft skinned shorts with silvered black jacket and a hat. She sat, leaning against the wall with her legs rested on the laps of Louis.” “Simon!” Pato interjected. “Yes, at first I didn’t believe my eyes until Louis’ goggles and hood fell off as they fondled.” Simon narrated.


Jellie was a sizable lady in her late twenties. She worked in one of the Casinos in town. She was light-skinned with a fairly attractive smile. Jellie fancied skimpy clothes. She worked night shifts except Friday, which was her day off. Louis, on contrary was a Pastor, married to Tendo, and together they had four children. He was a man in his early forties and seemingly rich.

One evening, it was threatening to rain. The wind was rustling everything on its way. Jellie continued walking, struggling to keep her knee-sized round dress from flying off. Louis drove past her before he petitioned his mind to pull-over. “Hello, lady. Do you mind giving you a ride?” He asked with an interrupted noise of the wind. Before she answered, Jellied jumped in a car. “Oh, thank you so much. Good evening to you.” She greeted after settling in the car. Her voice was warm and melodious, and yet she accompanied every word with a smile.

At the seaside, the sunrays were peeping through softly dancing leaves, whirled by whispering wind. Jellie and Louis sheltered beneath the palm trees. Rested on a cotton piece of a cloth, with glasses refreshments around them. Jellie rested her head on Louis’ laps wearing a bathing suit. Louis caressed her before he bent for a kiss. Enclosed in love, silence conquered the moment except the rapture of their kisses. The ambiance served the best as they deserved.

marriage announced

Sunday, at the pulpit, Louis announced the marriage of Dennis and Joy and the wedding was due to the following Sunday. Dennis was the right-hand man of Louis, who carried his Bible to the pulpit on his arrival for preaching. Joy, inversely, was a close friend to Tendo, a wife to Louis. She was the choir leader because of her dulcet voice. After the announcement of Dennis and Joy’s wedding, the congregation chanted praises. Pato’s head became heavy woozy.

Later at night, he composed myself and called Joy. Her phone went through, but it wasn’t answered. He repeated it several times, and got same results. Minutes after, a message pops up on his phone, “Dear Pato, I am sorry for letting you down. I can only imagine how you feel, and I know that I hurt you so much. I can only be able to explain given a chance to meet you, which I think, you may not accept. But if you can, let me know as to when and where to meet. I love you.” A deep cut widened in Pato’s heart, especially, as he read that last part of the message repeatedly.

The news about the wedding of Dennis and Joy landed into Betty who was a friend to Christine, a woman who was hired to decorate the function. Betty was Dennis’ girlfriend who had just returned from abroad, where she had been for over five years. On learning about this news, she shared with her friend Jellie, and together they agreed to attend the wedding.


At church, Louis stood in between Dennis and Joy, holding a Bible in his hands. “Joy, do you accept to marry Dennis?” Louis asked. Before Joy, could answer, Betty and Jellie entered. Louis’ attention shifted with shock registered on his face. The Bible slipped off his hand. Jellie could not believe her eyes. She didn’t know Louis was a Pastor. Betty didn’t know that Louis and her friend, Jellie were having a secret affair, but before that could sink in, Dennis’ eyes met with Betty’s. His hand, which held Joy, loosened. He, at once jumped off the pulpit and ran to Betty. He grabbed her hand and sped off the church. Louis, abandoned the pulpilt, and ran after Jellie. Joy fell down and fainted. Tendo went down on her knees with tears running down her face. She murmured words that could only be listened to by herself.


By Pavel Clever



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