Part 1: The Love story of Bennie and Benna and their tough decision



This is a love story of two lovers, Benna and Bennie. And how they came to call off their long cherished love.
Bennie and Benna grew to love and respect each other. 
In fact, they had beautiful love story that began in high school and had kept them since then. 
But, as they grew older, they discovered that their life goals were not in sync. 

The sun was shining brightly, illuminating all creatures on Earth and breaking through to the massive oak tree where the two best friends turned lovers sat meditating. It was one Saturday noon time.

Soon after, the sun faded, kissing the sky goodbye with a mixture of heavy wind and drizzles of no rain. It was time to make a difficult choice. The two must make a decision quickly.

Bennie let out a heavy sigh, and Benna let out a deep one. 


“I’m feeling duped.” Bennie stated. “And I feel controlled…unloved…disrespected…and no one pays attention to me.” Benna responded shortly before adding “You know, I don’t think you love me enough,..well…and you must be frauding, cheating or not ready for our wedding, and I think you better not say anything.” Then there was mystic silence.

The bird in the top most of the oak tree where the two sat, sang its final melody. Benna’s left eye let a tear down her ripe cheeks.

Bennie appeared startled and perplexed, still searching for the right words to express his pain. He was certain that he had never loved anyone other than his mother as much as he did Benna.

“Benna! I genuinely love you; you know you’re the woman I adore. I love you.” Bennie said this while struggling to come up with another line of speech. “Will you marry me, Benna? Will you be the mother of my children? Benna, will you accompany me to the altar?” Bennie broke down in the face of pain.

The Universe seemed to respond to his questions on Benna’s behalf. She made a 40-degree turn and sat inside the circle formed by Bennie’s folded legs. Benna cried because they were so close.

“So Benna? will you go? will you take on the scholarship? please stay with me my love.” Bennie said from a voice exhausted with pain and the thought of losing his lover.

“I will…Bennie I will…” Benna said shortly before Bennie moved by excitement of the words “I will” cut her short;” I love you baby” He moved to kiss her but Benna declined the gesture and added; ” I will Bennie, I will go for my masters degree, I will take on the scholarship. I will be in London soon. My father will be happy. My education and everything is what my father wants. I am sorry but I must go.” ” I will be the heroine of my family, I will..”

Overcome by pain, Bennnie lost it. He wondered how anything could come between their love. How anything could dare try to come between something they held so dearly. He wept.

The alarm on Benny’s watch went off at 8:00 p.m. The sharp song of mosquitoes and other insects encircled them. “We must decide,” screamed something from each of their silent hearts.

Benna stood up all at once and walked away with her shadow disappearing in the dark after the wide road next to the oak tree.

Bennie stood there watching Benna walk away, speechless at how the evening had turned out. He couldn’t imagine how anything could be so brutal as to separate them.

Bennie chose to remain in the shadows beneath the oak tree. He cried, he was broken, he wanted to fly away into his mother’s blossom. Bennie wanted the earth to pump vitality into his legs so he could chase after Benna. He was disoriented. And so despised the sensation but accepted it.

It was tough choice, and they were both deeply saddened. They knew they still loved each other, 
but they were also aware that their pathways were digressing. 
The two lovers didn’t want to limit or compromise their relationship.

What will take place? Will Benna be able to withstand the test of time and stick to her decision? Will the strength of their love overpower her decision? What is Bennie going to do? Will he wait for Benna to return from her two-year scholarship? Will he choose to accompany her to London? But what if Bennie decided to meet with her father and persuade him otherwise? Or maybe something else…

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Written by: G.L.Maria

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