“From Searching for Love to Finding Self-Love: A Journey to True Happiness”


The sunset was approaching, and the gorgeous orange sky cast long shadows on the two lovely couples of the village town.

Serra and Robert walked down a street lined with pine trees, and the sweet voices of the singing birds in the trees and the aroma of roses in the roadside orchards soothed their hidden pain of past loss and love.

They held hands and talked about love, romance, sensation, and a future together as they ascended the lonely street. The universe had given them something so special but the air around them still seemed to be holding an aura of mystery.

Robs as Serra had named him, desperately wanted to forget his past, and he was so close; Lady S, as Robert had named Serra, desperately wanted to love, and she had arrived.

In the heart of the Uganda’s countryside, is the small, idyllic village town in the district of Sheema, with an enchanting little bakery on the corner of a cobblestone street at the road that leads to Bushenyi-Mbarara highway. Two lovers met at this bakery for the first time.

Serra is a well rounded young woman who enjoys baking. She inherited the bakery from her grandmother who died a few years ago. She has been running the bakery since the fateful day of her loss. Like any other girl, Serra longs for attention, care and love around her. However, she has had a fair share of misfortune in her attempt to embrace love. She is frequently busy, but her warm smile and gentle personality have made her a local favorite.

Before finally meeting the one she thought was the last hit, Serra had lost her mum when she was only three, her dad had gone way before she set her foot on earth, and shortly before losing her grandmother, Serra had three relationships with Ben, Brian and Benard, each of which was lost in a point of exhaustion. She vowed to continue believing in love. She prayed she would be married by age of 25.

Serra first saw Robert on a sunny day in early February. He was a tall, dark-haired man with beautiful blue eyes that sat beautifully on his brown face and a warm smile that spread perfectly to make a rectangular shape with his mustache. He had only recently arrived in the village and was taking in the sights and sounds when he stumbled upon the bakery.

Was her dream of marrying by the age of 25 coming true? Serra was completely drawn in by Rob’s charm and wit, and they quickly struck up a conversation. They sat in the cozy corner of the bakery for hours, enjoying each other’s company and savoring the delicious pastries Sophie had baked.

Robert and Serra were inseparable from then on. They spent lazy afternoons wandering through lavender fields, admiring the picturesque countryside and basking in each other’s warmth.

Was their blissful romance to last? Robert had been keeping a dark secret from Sophie. He was wanted, with a bounty on his head for crimes committed in his previous life.

Serra never forgot Robert despite the passage of time. She hoped he would return one day, so they could pick up where they left off and begin a new life together.

However, this was not to be. A traveler passing through the village brought word of Robert’s fate one day. He had been apprehended by authorities and, tragically, killed during his escape attempt.

Serra’s world had been shattered by the news. She cried for days over the loss of her one true love. But she knew Robert would never be like the other men she’d met. She still believed in love, she still admired love, and she knew that nothing compares to love.

This would now force her to make one of the most important decisions of her life. She started on a journey, a journey that would be the best of the decisions she had made in her life.

She decided to embark on a journey that would transform her entire life; it was a journey of self-discovery; she read books, listened to sermons, and found a spiritual mentor who helped her establish a consistent spiritual practice.

She grew up, learned and discovered that love was to be lived rather than searched for; she learned how to be the love; love was a person to her and would be lived rather than searched for. She became love, she loved everyone and everything unconditionally, she forgot about her past self. She became so irresistible that everyone wanted to be in Serra’s space. Her favorite place was her space, she was fun and great to be around, Peace and everything in her world was where she drove happiness. She was now more content and fulfilled. She knew Robs was the one; he was her life’s lover, he had led her to true love discovery. She no longer waited for love, money or marriage she had found everything, she had found true love.

Written by: G. Lakel Maria


  1. Ronald says

    I love reading this story, it’s very written

  2. Raymond Ahabwe says

    Self love is all one needs.

    A round of applause

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