A Baby’s heart


Beneath the moon’s soft silver beams, A precious little wonder gleams, With twinkling eyes and gentle sighs, A tiny life begins to rise.

An angel in a human form, A miracle that’s been born, With rosy cheeks and tiny feet, A bundle of innocence, oh so sweet.

With chubby hands and curious eyes, The world’s a wonder, a sweet surprise, And every sound, every sight, Brings a new wave of delight.

The coos and giggles, oh so dear, The sweetest music to our ear, And every move, every sound, A new adventure to be found.

The innocence of a baby’s heart, A pureness that’s set apart, With no judgment or fear, A love that’s unconditional, oh so clear.

A precious gift, a miracle of life, A symbol of hope, a light so bright, The innocence of a baby’s soul, A reminder of the beauty in our world.

So let us cherish every moment, Every smile, every coo, every movement, For in this innocent life we see, The purest form of humanity.

G. Lakel Maria

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