My EX and I met unexpectedly at the Junction of Love


This is a short love story about the day I met my EX at the junction while I rushed to University to sit for my end of semester examination and what happened.

Birds sang sweetly in the nearby trees, and the rose flowers were fragrant with dew from the night’s condensation. The cock crowed, my sluggish legs gathered boldness from the morning vitality, and I began my trek to my university to sit for my end-of-semester exams. I had been pursuing my favorite course at my favorite university. This before I tasted the bitter taste of my Ex’s “love -turned-out- badly”.

After a few meters at a fork in the road, two deep familiar voices came straight into my ears from afar, my heart skipped, my mind went blank, my legs lost their vitality, my abdomen wingled, an intense pain striked through one side of my head, my eyes primed in anguish.

This must be my ex lover boy! I whispered to no body, my intuitions were correct! one of the deep voices was from my sweetheart, who had chosen to give his love and devotion to another woman, few weeks towards my exams, and the other was his in-law, husband to her elder sister.

Why does the universe send me waves of grief, sadness, and pain? I lamented to the unknown shortly before summoning energy to bolster my legs.

I rushed past the junction that connected to the road from which the two men were emerging. He still saw me and called out my name,(what a heck!!! must you burry me first?, I won’t respond!!), my legs came to a halt without looking behind, unsure whether to run, scream or kill him, I gave myself a 90 degree hot turn, and our gazes met a few centimetres away from where our legs stood.

There came an awkward silence; neither of our lips dared to say anything for about five minutes, but our hearts communicated; had we missed each other? My ex grinned, held out his hand for a greeting, a friendly gesture! are we even friends? I turned it down, my legs were giving out from the massive weight of pain and sorrow, the sense of loss and the broken heart, my soul tried to encapsulate, I must hurry away from this scene before suffocation, I said quietly. He smiled once more and asked if I was okay. Okay? I said silently sensing an overwhelming excitement from a lover who seemed fine in his new found love.

At this point, I wanted to vanish into thin air; what had I done to lose someone to whom I had such a strong attachment? I inquired silently. I withheld my grief once more. My cheeks began to wither. My ex drew me into his cold chest that offered no hope.

As I let my heart beat with his, I knew it was time to let go of my hope. I slipped from his chest, turned, and walked away, determined to accept my new reality: he’s gone!, but I’ll be fine. I failed my exams, gave up hope, and gained my freedom. It’s been five years since. At the junction of love.

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