A day in the Labour ward


Screams of laboring mothers filled the lit room, and next to me was a small bed with a branded mattress and bedsheets.

 Doctors and midwives rotated through the room, checking on the women one by one.

Auchi!!! I suddenly felt a sense of mystery.

The tightening sensation that moved around to the front in a wave-like motion became quite intense.

As I paced the maternity ward, giving low, short, long, and heavy groans, my dry lips yearned for a stream of water. 

Contractions became so severe that I alternated between sitting on the bucket and standing, swaying, and shouting.

The constant centimeter checks and discussions with midwives and doctors made me feel so helpless.

My husband’s presence was both soothing and irritating, providing a magical distraction from the intensity of the contractions.

Within an hour or so, the contractions became fairly regular, lasting about 3 minutes and lasting 50-60 seconds. We got 8cm from the check at this point.

Within an hour, I heard the doctor tell the midwife, “The baby is in danger!” We must act immediately!

It’s difficult to put into words how I felt, but I think it was a sense of release and letting go.

I  had lost control of everything. My emotions erupted. and eventually gave up.

Our baby swarm into the world alive at 8:11 p.m. on Monday, February 28th, 2022!

 A baby boy! the doctor handed him to me between my legs.

 Escriva! my womb’s first fruit.

Soft and Carling in the day! Delicate wavy tendrils.

Eyes as tender and genuine as a starless winter night!

Like feathers falling on snow, the prominent structure between his dazzling eyes was closer to his soft and movable lips!

On a small round head, the sweet bubbling chubby cheeks.

We were head over heels in love with our little being when warmth suddenly enveloped us. 

The eerie atmosphere! We burst into uncontrollable tears.

Escriva, our baby boy had finally arrived!!

We’ve never seen a more beautiful little being.

By G. Lakel Maria

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