Property ownership: Loosing land after 30 years, Daisy’s story



Imagine living on a piece of land for more than 30 years! Building a home and a life for yourself and your family, only to receive a notice of losing everything.
This is the story of Nakibungwe Daisy, a hardworking woman living in Kisasi Kampala Uganda. She  thought she had found her forever home on the outskirts of town.
However, her fantasy turned into a nightmare. This is when a legal dispute arose about the ownership of the land. This jeopardized her livelihood and the future of her family.
This article will look deeper into Daisy’s heart wrenching story. How she fought so hard to keep the land she had called home for so long.
It’s a story of perseverance! Determination! as well as the unbreakable bond that exists between a person and their home. We will also look at how you can protect yourself from this kind of instance.


Daisy’s story


Nakibungwe received  heartbreaking news one morning. It was from children who claimed the land she occupied belonged to their father.
“I bought this land in 1970. But in 1997 a man called Robert Muwanga came and bought this land without my knowledge. He was among the richest at the time. He didn’t even notify me. He sold the largest part of it.”
Nakibugwe had grown various crops on the land which she lost in that Muwanga sold.
“He sold the land together with my coffee, bananas and beans and didn’t even give me any money. I kept quiet. “
She says later  children who she didn’t know came and claimed that where she stayed was their father’s land.
“In 2002, I saw children coming and starting to harass me claiming that the land I occupied was their father’s”
Nakibungwe explained to the children how she has lived on her land since 1970. But, a conflict between them erupted.
 In the midst of them, Nakibugwe developed stress that threatened her health. But the possibility of eviction from her land gave her restless nights.
“In 2001, I got sick, I wrote to the chairperson and told him about the threats I was receiving. Though I didnt get immediate help.”
Nakibugwe kept approaching the chairperson, unsure of what to do next. For many years she lived in fear of what would happen to her.
Later, with her consistence in approaching the chairperson, he acted. Yet he found out that Nakibungwe  had no land title or any agreements.
The chairperson advised me to make a deal with Muwanga. To sell the remaining land to him so that I wouldn’t lose completely”
But, Nakibungwe encountered difficulties dealing with Muwanga. She says offered her less compensation.
“The money was so little, it couldn’t get me any other land. So I went back to the chairperson.”
On the chairperson’s recommendation, Nakibungwe sought help from a land monitor in Masaka.
“I was referred to an organization called Shed. Through them I got a land monitor who helped me.”
Nakibugwe was able to get a fair compensation of over 100million shillings. This was only possible with the intervention of the land monitor.
“I got enough money, the monitor helped me look for another land. She ensured the land had a title and all agreements.”
Nakimbungwe is still alive to testify about the invaluable help she received. The land monitor and Shed’s technical help.
She is an indigenous non-governmental organization fighting for women’s land rights.


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