Why I must celebrate my birthday


A birthday provides an opportunity for each person to feel special and to acknowledge how much their loved ones care for them. It is important to remember to celebrate your own birthdays as well as those of others! It is a fantastic way to show self-appreciation whilst still celebrating oneself.

Today, I saw two white horns cross over each other creatively to form an outstanding triangle top on the
upper torso of the neighbor’s gate, and a few centimeters behind the green thatched fish pond in a
slightly deserted garden with a tree truck of cut down avocado trees, was a protruding black water tank,
that I thought might be the pond supplier. Two separate wires in the yard sustained the colored
laundered clothes dancing the windy kiganda dance as they knelt in respect to the yellow rays of the
blazing sun. The yellow, green, and purple flowers leave a few centimeters away from the wires
screamed and bragged about the creator’s color scheme. I have been laying in the corner of the
staircase varandah, where I lay watching a mental display when my eyes struck straight through the iron
metals lined to make a safe gazette into the tiles of the floor.

From the edge of the staircase verandah, the mental screen played a movie about my creation and the day
the universe opened its gates to locate me in space.

My mom was thick of me, fatigued and exhausted from the sharp movements around her waist, she was ripe and ready to bring me forth, she recounts. As her hubby and kids raced to pick a vehicle to transport her to the health center, I launched the dance of exuberance and announced my majestic arrival into the universe, I was done waving goodbye to all my womb inhabitants, my clansmen, and peers with whom I had had a good time for 9 months, with the hope that one day they will join me in my new world. With drums, shakers, and whistles, the cervix launched, my mother surrendered, and I came out!! it was a mysterious but altruistic arrival according to those who witnessed it, it was at the doorstep of the village customary midwife who was well known as a messiah to women like my mother whose children declared emergency arrival before hospitalization.

I was born at 5:30 a.m. on December 30th. My birthday is on the 31st. I celebrate my mystical arrival in the world.

By G. Lakel Maria

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