My childhood Dreams and Fantasy


The sun is shining brightly, and I’ve only just gotten out of bed, but, my eyes are heavy. My bedtime actually started at 3:00 a.m. One of my favorite girlfriends showed up and we talked the majority of the time about our childhood great memories, fantasies, and dreams, and, of course, our share of rejections, failed girlfriend friendships, and dwellings.  We all wondered if this life is an acting stage where our written scripts begin to play out, with ourselves as the central characters or other people as the lead characters depending on how the script is written, and then the script ends when a writer decides!!!! The amusing fantasies I had and how time causes everything to happen.

In my childhood mind, I had become a big girl in my 20s, 30s, and 40s before all news outlets rushed to release a story about the country’s first female billionaire, and then I would buy a newspaper and discover it was me.

My favorite scene was always when I was traveling to one of those big malls time to shop for our house, and in the co-seat,  I would engage in a discussion with my man about how applaudable I found him, and then we would giggle about something, he could become the best driver, he could very well pace and slow down as we glided along the highway into the heart of the city. Out of the ride, he would always keep my hand away from bitchy gawkers. We went beaching, paddling, and having fun with my life’s love.

In one of the scenes, I had graduated from the country’s top university, and found the love of my life, he was as stunning as movie actor Jim, and the most handsome of all men that ever existed, and we developed a stunning love life, went photoshoot like all those peeps I saw in publications, and we had a  good number of antagonists against our love life, but then we beat all odds and moved down the aisle and begun to live the best life of ourselves in the city, where it was just the two of us in the house.

In our villa, just the two of us, our life was characterized by watching movies, cuddling, and chirping, and along the way, after a year or two, I became pregnant with the most good-looking baby boy, just like a tale I had read in my favorite novel, and the baby would bring so much joy to those around me, my mother and father on my right, my husband on my left, my best friend next to me from anywhere, and I would encounter full life.

The cottage I stayed in was white, with no cooking stones like we had at my village home, but it was elevated like the ones I saw in movies with pans and big spoons.  I became a damsel in distress and couldn’t fetch water or fuelwood like my mum dreaded me always. I had my own fancy office and had grown the largest company in the area, making me the first female billionaire and the greatest employer of all time. I founded the largest charity and was particularly drawn to the girl child. My lover became my fun myriad. At this point, I would awaken from my dream.

By G. Lakel Maria

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