The first day I met my husband


The first day I met my husband was such a graduation from the school of love search. There was something strange about that evening, an overwhelming sense of wonder, as I ascended the staircase of the church house, it was conspicuous that something mysterious must eventuate, my heart skipped a beat, it was a meeting with my long-time friend whom I hadn’t seen in eleven years, but what was it about this meeting that raised this suspense?

The evening did its part, wobbling and swaying whispers of the indescribable air bubbles, there we sat on the balcony of the iconic restaurant in the heart of Kampala.

With the two Lucky Rays of Light striking through the glass screen on the balcony, the universe agreed, it was
the generation of our ages and ages, the sweet world of two, the world of discovery, the world of lessons, the world of Joy. With him, I have discovered what it means to belong, to have a home, to smile brightly and not worry yet live with an assurance of unconditional love and pretty company.


By G. Lakel Maria

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